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Door Handle Kit Feedback - Chrysler 300D

Feedback submitted by a customer in Canada:

Pierre installed both today. They look great and work great. I took some pictures of them and pointed a pen to the potential areas that I think extra copper could cause problems. Now remember that copper under chrome is specific to every part being plated and also to every plating shop doing the work. So it is  hard to say that a certain area will 'automatically' cause problems 'every' time.

I think the areas that come close to each other as the parts move will be most likely to 'rub' against each other after plating. It is the top portion of the handle that comes close to the top portion of the handles housing. But this doesn't mean door handles will do this all the time. 

We thought the kit was very good and I believe we used that kit before for the C or D convert we did for you.

On this 300D coupe, one door handle (driver side) had smaller pins/rivets holding the parts together compared with the other side ( pass side). Why that is, we don't know. Maybe someone changed one door handle at some point. The pass side handle actually had a very big pin/rivet. It is bigger than the biggest cotter pin in the kit! Pierre ended up reusing that original rivet in that handle: he drilled and tapped a hole in it to put a small bolt to hold the thing together, turned out great.

As I mentioned earlier, because of thick copper plating under the chrome, for both handles he made a sleeve then drilled it 'offset' so the handle would clear the housing when you pull the handle to open the door. Nothing to do with kit, just that these handles were in bad shape: one had a broken housing ( a big slit in metal that had to be welded at chrome shop = lots of copper afterwards ) and other one had been rechromed before, so a second time around the plating process you need more copper because metal was thinned down so much and busted thru at places = more copper needed to rebuild.

The way I see it, if anyone wants to have their door handles rechromed, they better get ready for some tweaking and may need some ingenuity to be able to put them back together. 

Thank you J-Y for your feedback and photos!

~ Forward Look Parts

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1 Comment

Unknown member
Dec 01, 2021

Both door handle as well as door lock was broken but thanks to locksmith experts near me replaced both for me at a reasonable cost.

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