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57 - 59 Mopar Turn Signal Switch Actuator Replacement

57 - 59 Mopar Turn Signal Switch Actuator Replacement

We are offering a very limited number of a CNC milled solid aluminum replacement part for the fragile circular diecast switch actuator piece in every 57-59 MOPAR turn signal switch.


This is the "top layer" of that switch that the turn signal stalk screws into.  It is a complicated die cast ring that is easily broken by excessive accidental force on the stalk.  A 300 C, D, E with no turn signals and a floppy level is not a happy camper.


Because of the long process time commitment for each one on our Matsuura CNC - we only run a few parts at a time.  This part will only be offered for a limited time and may have a long lead, depending on when an order is placed and when the part is scheduled to be run again.


The greater the demand - the more parts we can run at any one time.


The price of $145 - includes shipping in the continental U.S.


IMPORTANT NOTE:  There are (at least) two thicknesses of this actuator.  In order for your steel "flags/cancel cams" to work properly you must measure them and select an actuator thickness option that matches, as closely as possible to your factory cancel cams.  One of the product photos above shows a red arrow - where to measure your cancel cams.  If your measurement is closer to 0.110" - select the THIN option.  If the measurement is clsoer to 0.170" - select the THICK option.


Please email us at if you are interested in ordering one of these actuators.  We can provide you with an updated lead time.  Thank you.






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