57 - 59 Mopar Turn Signal Switch Actuator Replacement

57 - 59 Mopar Turn Signal Switch Actuator Replacement

We are offering a very limited number of a CNC milled solid aluminum replacement part for the fragile circular diecast switch actuator piece in every 57-59 MOPAR turn signal switch.


This is the "top layer" of that switch that the turn signal stalk screws into.  It is a complicated die cast ring that is easily broken by excessive accidental force on the stalk.  A 300 C, D, E with no turn signals and a floppy level is not a happy camper.


Because of the long process time commitment for each one on our Matsuura CNC - we only run a few parts at a time.  This part will only be offered for a limited time and may have a long lead, depending on when an order is placed and when the part is scheduled to be run again.


The greater the demand - the more parts we can run at any one time.


The price of $145 - includes shipping in the continental U.S.