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Heater Switch Rebuild/Repair Service

Heater Switch Rebuild/Repair Service



Rebuild service on the plastic push button heater switch. We can fix your 1959-1966 plastic heater switch, 5 button or 4 button, A/C and non A/C versions.


Place an order for the repair service through the website here (quantity 1 = single switch repair) and then make arrangements to send your switch to us at:


Forward Look Parts

323 W Main St, STE 1

Ayer, MA 01432


This service assumes you will be sending us a good core.  If nipples are damaged or broken, we can repair them for $10 each.  Please use the Option Selection Menu to select the number of nipple replacements you may need (up to 3).  Please see the photos in the listing showing what the nipple repair looks like. We have designed special fixturing to do this properly.  


We recommend replacing the entire switch if 4 or more nipples are broken or damaged.  Please contact us at for further information about complete replacement switches.





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