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Turn Signal Cancel Circuit - Chrysler 300 F / G / H

Turn Signal Cancel Circuit - Chrysler 300 F / G / H

Forward Look Parts has started production of an electronic circuit in a  small box that takes the place of the troublesome column mounted directional cancel switch on 300 FGH , and possibly other high line  mopars of the same years .

The original cancel switch is inherently very fragile and the stamped brass internal contact arms break off from fatigue. Then the directional will not latch on, or fails to cancel, or even worse the loose pieces cause a short to ground .

This new circuit senses the requirement to latch when you signal, allows the latch, then starts a timer for about 15 seconds, then it unlatches the lever (cancels). This is similar to motorcycle practice .

No more cruising down the highway with blinker flashing away after giving an on ramp or lane change signal. Or having to hold the lever over. It is not necessary to get into the directional switch at all. 

It plugs into the same connector as fits the cancel switch pigtail, right above the brake pedal.


It is packaged in a box about 2” square .


Please see this video for more information on installation.


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